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◊ Archdeacon Edward Irons notes - Rutland Village Studies Group The publication of the notes of Archdeacon Edward Irons (1851-1923) by the Rutland Village Studies Group should prove of tremendous interest to local historians and genealogists. This website reproduces transcriptions and images of Irons’s notes on ecclesiastical court cases, bishops’ visitations and the parish records of Rutland, dealing with thousands of individuals stretching back to the sixteenth century. Days of Shaking - 17th c Families - Sue Howlett Since completing an MA dissertation entitled ‘Conscience, Kinship and Community: Allegiance in Rutland 1630-1660’ (University of Leicester, 1991), Sue Howlett had always hoped to compile a book using and expanding this research. She even had a title: ‘Days of Shaking: Rutland families in times of conflict, 1600-1660’ - the quotation coming from a notorious, published sermon preached to the House of Commons in 1643 by Jeremiah Whitaker, formerly Rector of Stretton in Rutland. However, a move to Essex in 2006 meant that this work has remained unfinished. ◊ Population of Rutland Parishes 1795-2001 - Peter Tomalin & Mike Frisby The population of each parish in Rutland in 1795 is taken from the Gentleman’s Magazine 1795 ii page 650. The source of these data is not given in the magazine. The figures for the period 1801-1831 are shown in a table in the Social and Economic section of volume I of the Victoria County History of Rutland (VCH). In order to provide a more complete record of the parish populations, figures from the national census returns for the period 1911-2001 have been added to the earlier data. The changes in population for each parish over the period 1801-2001 have also been presented in graphical form. The reasons for some of the variations in population have been proposed. ◊ Rutland Nonconformist Chapels - Nigel Webb A summary topographical survey and bibliography relating to reports of meetings and places of worship of Protestant Non-conformists and Roman Catholics (post Reformation) in Rutland This document was originally prepared by Nigel Webb for a visit by the Chapels Society to Rutland - July, 2009 and revised March 2014. ◊ Sarah Ogden's diary 1842-51 Leicester, Uppingham and Grantham - Nigel Webb Sarah Ogden (1817-95) was a daughter of Benjamin Cort, a prosperous ironfounder of Leicester, and was brought up in a fine eight bedroom house in Welford Place. Her diary starts with her marriage in 1842 to her first cousin Benjamin Cort Ogden, an employee of a Leicester bank. The bank’s collapse the following year, however, led to Ogden’s appointment as manager of the Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Co. in Uppingham, where they lived for the next five years. In 1848, he opened a branch of that bank in Grantham, where they settled. Sarah’s diary ends in 1851 when they were living at 18, High Street, Grantham with a groom and two servants. The Ogdens were a prosperous middle class couple, had no children and were Strict Baptists; the diary gives a vivid picture of their social life in Leicester, Uppingham and Grantham. ◊ Local History Sources of Information - Nigel Webb The intention of this list of possible sources is to provide starting points for researchers. Do not be put off by the length of the list: you will probably need only a fraction of it. For the primary sources – original documents or transcriptions of these – efforts have been made to include everything which might be productive. If you know of or find further such sources which should be on this list, please tell the Langham Village History Group archivist so that they can be added. If you find a source that we have given particularly productive, please tell us what needs it has satisfied; if you are convinced that it is a waste of time, please tell us this too! For the secondary sources – books, journals and internet sites – we have tried to include just enough useful ones, whatever aspect of Langham history that you might wish to investigate. However, we realise that there is then a danger of the list looking discouragingly long.
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Rutland Record Series
No 1: Tudor Rutland: The County Community under Henry VIII ed. Julian Cornwall (1980). Transcripts of the county’s Military Survey of 1522 and the Lay Subsidy of 1524, with introduction. Includes lists of men in every village who were available for military service and similar lists of those liable to pay the lay subsidy. (Hardback, 134pp - Item currently out of stock No 2: The Weather Journals of a Rutland Squire ed. John Kington (1988). Thomas Barker of Lyndon Hall, brother-in-law of Gilbert White, kept detailed weather, farming and countryside records for over 60 years in the 18th century, which now form an invaluable resource for meteorologists and environmental historians. Introduction, commentaries, maps, illustrations, glossary, index. (Paperback, 218pp - Item currently out of stock No 3: Stained Glass in Rutland Churches by Paul Sharpling (1997). Complete survey and gazetteer of the county’s surviving church glass; introduction; lists of glaziers, subjects, dedicatees, donors, heraldry. (Paperback, colour illustrations, 80pp - Item currently out of stock No 4: Time in Rutland: a history and gazetteer of the bells, scratch dials, sundials and clocks of Rutland Definitive work covering everything to do with the measurement of time in Rutland’s churches and domestic buildings, from simple sundials to complex clocks. Historical introduction, full gazetteer and description of clocks, dials, bells and ringing customs. Details of clock-makers, watchmakers and bell-founders. Many quotations from primary archive sources. Bibliography, appendices and indices. - Item currently out of stock Click here to see reviews of this book No 5: The Heritage of Rutland Water Compiled and edited by Robert Ovens and Sheila Sleath (2nd impression 2008). Publishing the results of a Heritage Lottery Fund supported project to study the area of Rutland Water in detail, recording its history, archaeology, people, villages, buildings, landscape, geology and natural history; chapters on the construction of the reservoir, sailing, fishing, birdwatching, flora and fauna; bibliography and index. - item currently out of stock Click here to: View the Rutland Water Project; Read the book on-line. No 6: Improving Agriculture in Nineteenth Century Rutland: The Life and Achievements of Richard Westbrook Baker (1797 - 1861), Steward of the Exton Estate by Vanessa Doe R W Baker was the most important and influential improver of agriculture in Rutland in the early nineteenth century, a period of rapid agricultural change. As estate steward for Sir Noel Noel Bt he became a leading breeder of Shorthorn cattle, winning many medals and prizes. He helped to found the Rutland Agricultural Society, designed an improved type of plough, set up ploughing meetings, introduced spade allotments, and endeavoured to improve the lot of poor farmer labourers. This biography by Vanessa Doe celebrates his achievements and demonstrates the profound effect he had on many aspects of rural life in the county. (Paperback, Crown 4to, viii + 128pp, 71 illustrations. £12.50 (members £10.00), UK p&p £2.50) See Press Report : Order online via GENfair : See Presentation All orders for publications, with payment in sterling including postage as shown above, and trade enquiries should be sent to: The Honorary Editor, RLHRS, c/o Rutland County Museum, Catmose Street, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6HW, England The Society can only accept payment for orders by post by cheque in sterling made payable to ‘RLHRS’ and drawn on a UK bank. If you wish to order and pay on-line by credit or debit card (whether from overseas or from the UK), please follow the link to GENfair, where you will be able to do so securely. Please note that the postage and packing charges levied by GENfair may be different from those for sales direct from the Society, and that members' reduced rates are not available through GENfair. Click here to use the GENfair online ordering service
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