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The Dramatis Personae by Prince Yuri Galizine The story of Domesday Book only comes alive when we try to find more about those persons who are mentioned in it by name. The Domesday Book records the names of each of three categories of landowners, the tenants-in-chief, the tenants in 1086 and the antecessors. Throughout the whole of England about 200 tenants-in-chief arc recorded in Domesday Book holding from the King as overlord of whom 15 held in Rutland. About another 5,000 throughout England held as tenants directly of the King or of his tenants-in-chief by knight's fees. Of the latter, there were 16 in Rutland. Sadly the majority of persons referred to in the record are not identified by name. These are people the landowners controlled and who were established in the villages of Rutland. They comprised 10 priests, 142 freemen, 1147 villagers, 244 small holders and 21 slaves (two of whom were women) — a total of 1564. This title is now out of print: An uncorrected version may now be viewed on-line by selecting this link.