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Greetham and the Great War - How a Rutland village played its part in the Great War By David and Paul Bland Published in 2014 by Little School Publishing, Greetham, Rutland ISBN 9780992602017 David Bland is known to many of us as an accomplished local historian with an abiding interest in his home village of Greetham and local military units. Together with his son Paul, he has brought these interests together in this sumptuous and fascinating record of Greetham during the First World War. The stated aim of Little School Publishing, created by David and Paul is to 'bring local social history to life'. This is certainly achieved in this large scale fully illustrated paperback. It is illustrated throughout with colour and sepia illustrations which both enhance and enliven the text. As a point of departure with most Great War village histories they then go on to describe and record the ancestors of current residents of Greetham who served in the war but who were not connected with the village. This gives the book a sense of perspective, and enhances the community feel of the project. Interspersed with these memories and reminiscences, contemporary illustrations, photographs, pictures of medals and portraits of the servicemen and their descendants are some valuable stories and records. The story of ā€˜Cā€™ Company Rutland Volunteers and the local Zeppelin raid are most valuable within a more general Rutland context and should not be overlooked. The inclusion of photographs of modern re-enactors dressed in Great War service uniforms and photographed around the village adds a nice touch to a handsomely produced publication that will be of interest not only to those with knowledge and connection of Greetham but also of those who take an interest in Rutland and the Great War in general. HJC