Rutland Record 33 – From ‘Time Team’ to the Duke of Buckingham’s marriage This year’s issue of the Rutland Local History & Record Society’s annual publication, Rutland Record, has just been distributed to members of the Society. One of the highlights of last year’s archaeological work was the Time Team investigation at Oakham Castle, the subject of a TV broadcast in spring 2013, and the results are summarised in this issue by archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology. There are two other main articles. The first tells the story of the marriage of George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, and Lady Katherine Manners, which took place in 1620 amidst political and financial intrigue. Buckingham bought Burley on the Hill the following year and remodelled the great house there, but the marriage was short-lived because only eight years later, in 1628, he was assassinated in Portsmouth. The author, Patricia Womack, brings to life the scandal and intrigue that surrounded the Duke, who was the favourite and close companion of both James I and Charles I. Then Ian Ryder, the Society’s honorary treasurer, shows how in 1838 a special report of the Manchester Statistical Society contained an in-depth study of living conditions in three Rutland villages, Braunston, Egleton and Hambleton. This study was undertaken amidst increasing concern about dreadful sanitary conditions in rapidly expanding industrial towns, and sought to compare them with life in a rural area. The report, which Ian reproduces in full, contains fascinating information about diseases, causes of death, social class, occupations, houses, and how many people lived in one house.
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The Society’s honorary editor, Tim Clough, says, ‘Ian’s earlier article in Rutland Record 31 about the state of education in Rutland at the time was short-listed by the British Association for Local History in this year’s local history publication awards, a true accolade, and his second article on social investigations in early Victorian Rutland develops the theme further – it’s a mine of information about these three Rutland villages in particular and even points to social differences between them’. This issue of Rutland Record also looks at the possible Saxon background to Wilkershaw cow pasture, overlooking Beaumont Chase, and as usual concludes with notes on a great variety of archaeological and historical work, including building surveys, in Rutland during the previous year, with reports from the museums, record offices and societies whose interests and responsibilities cover the county’s heritage. Tim Clough said, ‘Once again, we have been able to harness the expertise of contributors with a special interest in aspects of Rutland’s long and varied history. Rutland Record is included in our membership subscription, as are lecture meetings and events covering the widest range of periods and subjects. We would encourage anyone with an interest of Rutland’s past to come and join us – full information about publications and meetings is given on our website, ’. Copies of the new publication can be obtained as usual from the Rutland Local History & Record Society at the Rutland County Museum for £4.50 (plus £1.25 p&p), via local bookshops, or Click here to order online using our Genfair Service . ISBN-13: 978-0-907464-50-1. For further information, please contact: Tim Clough, Honorary Editor, RLHRS, Rutland County Museum, Catmose Street, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6HW, or tel 01572 722316, or e-mail