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The Rutland Record is the Society's annual journal, an A4 publication of 40-48pp, which is issued free to paid-up members; it normally contains a selection of historical and archaeological articles and the annual reports of local organisations whose work is connected with the heritage of the historic county. Two articles in recent years (in RR 23 and 26) have won British Association for Local History awards. For out of print issues, photocopies of individual articles can be supplied at £2 each or £4 for a complete edition - post free in the UK. Index RR 21-30 - Compiled by Robert Ovens; £4.00, members £3.00) - see footnote for post & packing or Download FOC Rutland Record No. 21 - Mary Barker letters; Anton Kammel, musician; Uppingham School and Borth, 1875-77; annual reports;  (Out of print, click to download) Rutland Record No. 22 - Rutland Registration District returns to 1851 Religious Census; Exton Churchyard; annual reports; (Out of print, click to download) Rutland Record No. 23 - Tinwell, Roman coins; Medieval Park, Ridlington; Lord Ranksborough; Rutland Churches, 1705; John Strecche, Prior of Brooke; annual reports; £1.00 - see footnote for post & packing Rutland Record No. 24 - Medieval wool trade; Ketton Quarries; Religious Census 1851 (pt 2); annual Reports; £1.00 - see footnote for post & packing Rutland Record No. 25 - Rutland in Print; A Bibliography of England’s Smallest County - Compiled by J D Bennett; £1.00 - see footnote for post & packing Rutland Record No. 26 - Rutland and the Gunpowder Plot; Uppingham's 1875-77 Typhoid Outbreak; Rutlanders in Devon, Norfolk & Warwickshire in the 1851 Census; Rutland History and Archaeology in 2004 and 2005; (Out of print, click to download) Rutland Record No. 27 - Rutland Militia; Railways in Rutland; Hunters & Gatherers of Uppingham Plateau; - (Out of print, click to download) Rutland Record No. 28 - Late medieval Rutland wills; Lady Charlotte Finch; Thomas Hotchkin of Tixover; Lord Harborough's almshouse; The King v Richard Hack; reports; (Out of print, click to download) Rutland Record No. 29 - Clerical Incumbents in Early Victorian Rutland; The Venerable Thomas Kaye Bonney;Old Hall Farm and Martinsthorpe House; Rutland History and Archaeology 2008; (Out of print, click to download) Rutland Record No. 30 - In the Service of the Crown: the Haringtons of Exton; Vincent Wing and Political Astrology; Robert Gouger (1802-46) and his connections to the East Midlands; Rutland resources at the University of Nottingham; Rutland History and Archaeology in 2009; - (Out of print, click to download)   Rutland Record Nos. 1 to 10 Rutland Record Nos. 11 to 20 Rutland Record Nos. 31 onwards Postage and Packing £1.50 one issue + 50p each extra issue, maximum £5.00 Overseas charged at cost – please enquire for details: payment in sterling only - Please note that you can also order directly from GENfair (links below) our on-line trading partner, using a credit card transaction. Overseas post and packing costs will be calculated at time of placing order. Orders with payment in sterling including postage as shown above, and trade enquiries should be sent to: The Honorary Editor, RLHRS, c/o Rutland County Museum, Catmose Street, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6HW, England. Cheques should be payable to RLHRS. The Society can only accept payment for orders by post by cheque in sterling made payable to ‘RLHRS’ and drawn on a UK bank. If you wish to order and pay on-line by credit or debit card (whether from overseas or from the UK), please follow the links to GENfair, where you will be able to do so securely. Please note that the postage and packing charges levied by GENfair may be different from those for sales direct from the Society, and that members' reduced rates are not available through GENfair. Click here to use the GENfair online ordering service for RR 1 to 20 Click here to use the GENfair online ordering service for RR 21 onwards
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