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Time in Rutland by Robert Ovens and Sheila Sleath A history and gazetteer of the bells, scratch dials, sundials and clocks of Rutland Edited highlights from various reviews: ‘It is interesting that the best makers' book written to date in England concerns England’s smallest historical county, Rutland. Before I go further, this comment is directed to all of you that are interested in church clocks, church bells, scratch dials and sundials. You must be aware of this book. It is without equal when compared with any other study of those subjects within a small area of any country - Time in Rutland is beautifully produced; I can not heap enough praise upon this major work; It should serve as a model, probably unachievable, for anyone considering publishing a work on public clocks.’ Tom Spittler reviews editor of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), an organisation that has over 38,000 members world wide. ‘You don’t have to be interested in clocks to enjoy this book - though it undoubtedly helps. A handsome volume; although it contains a lot of technical horological stuff, there is also plenty for the non- specialist to enjoy. Time in Rutland is a rich source of interest - not a cheap book, but worth every penny.’ Joan Stephens Leicester Mercury ‘… what a handsome book it is - a real beauty. One of the advantages of Rutland is that due to its small area … it is manageable and ideal for the treatment it receives. Excellent treatment it is, too; every parish a treasure house of detail on anything and everything to do with Bells, Frames, Turret Clocks, Scratch Dials, Sundials and much more …. Time in Rutland broadens our traditional ringing experience and helps us realise the wonderful heritage which is ours. Thank you Rutland Local History and Record Society.’ The Ringing World, a weekly journal for Church Bell Ringers (12,000 subscribers) ‘The detail of research and recording in this book … is nothing short of remarkable, for which both authors are to be warmly congratulated… I cannot express sufficiently my admiration for this beautifully produced book, it painstaking authors, and the Rutland Local History & Record Society.’ Alan Smith Horological Journal